Sauna Paradiso

Every epic story has a beginning. Luckily for me, I came into the middle of Bel Ami’s. It was sort of like finding this very thick, battered book, someone’s remembrance book, let’s say, where in it’s like someone recounting a marvelous journey, and one you just can’t wait to read. It felt as if I’ve… Continue reading Sauna Paradiso

The Start of Something Beautiful

And quickly approaching the end of my summer songs. Only one more to’ll be good. I promise. Think Friday. Think Love. *grin* Anymore and I’ll be giving it away. This one of Josh and Dolph is slightly older but not so much, perhaps, 2007ish (not entirely sure). Like the horrible cataloger I am, I… Continue reading The Start of Something Beautiful

Welcome Back to Bel Ami, Benjamin Bloom

This extra big (no pun intended) update celebrates Benjamin Bloom, who returns to BelAmiOnline after a several years hiatus, and returns to their fold with a sexy vengeance. He’s gone through quite a transformation since his absence, packing on some good muscle, while he remains at his sweet, adorable best, and still maintaining his sexiness.… Continue reading Welcome Back to Bel Ami, Benjamin Bloom

Princes of Eros

We are coming to the last two entries to the Summer Songs series, and this one I have to say is one of my favorites of all the ones in the series I’ve presented so far. Dario and Ariel are enjoying a day of sightseeing in an old Slovakian castle. As they film the interior,… Continue reading Princes of Eros

And to the Winner Goes the Spoils- sort of

Today we conclude our special short tribute of the film Summer Camp with a clip of a scene that was intended for the film but sadly didn’t make it: the sweetly romantic encounter between Mirko Polakov and Henry Bresson. It can be seen now in its entirety on the DVD Out At Last 4. From… Continue reading And to the Winner Goes the Spoils- sort of

Happy Birthday Bella

Bella the Bel Ami Blog turns 2 years old today! This is indeed a very important milestone for us and instead of just celebrating for one, which would hardly be enough, we’re going to be stretching the celebration out for the remainder of this month. For this very special party, Bella wanted to invite some… Continue reading Happy Birthday Bella

Roger Lambert takes on Trevor Yates

You’re looking mighty curious there, Roger! Maybe you should investigate further. And investigate he does, Curious Little Roger! Yep, it would seem that our lovely Roger is a young man that enjoys two things: cock and a challenge. Today he’s going to get a lot of both as he is paired with the horse-hung,Trevor Yates and… Continue reading Roger Lambert takes on Trevor Yates

Merry Christmas, Bel Ami

There is a delightful tradition that Bel Ami has cultivated over its esteemed history. For the holidays, the studio creates a special holiday episode for release either on DVD or as an online exclusive. Sadly, I only have in my possession two of them but these two have become classics. And I’ve decided especially for… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Bel Ami