Princes of Eros

We are coming to the last two entries to the Summer Songs series, and this one I have to say is one of my favorites of all the ones in the series I’ve presented so far. Dario and Ariel are enjoying a day of sightseeing in an old Slovakian castle. As they film the interior,… Continue reading Princes of Eros

BelAmi Cape Town Orgy Part 1

Part one of BelAmi’s long-awaited orgy filmed in March of 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa featuring a mix of Bel Ami veteran stars with gorgeous new boys. Thirteen of our most experienced boys take it upon themselves to instruct newcomer Kevin Warhol. It was his first ever group-sex scenes and he was a little bit lost among all of the naked flesh in the beginning and middle of the sex play, but eventually became the centerpiece of it

Back In Africa series Morning Routines, Parties and Getting It On

Ariel Vanean and Jean-Daniel Chagall -In this installment of BelAmiOnline’s reality series, Back In Africa , we get to learn a little about Julien’s morning routine: breakfast, gym and jerking off. The boys then show us what they have ready for a costume party while Ariel and Jean-Daniel are busy getting it on in one of the bedrooms.

An early Christmas present Alex and Brandon with Ariel

Oh, how I love Bel Ami…let me count the ways! And I feel like I got a belated Chanukah gift with this: three of my favorite lovelies~ Brandon Manilow, Alex Orioli and Ariel Vanean, in a scene together. Put these three together and you are guaranteed one smoking hot scene. This scene was slated for… Continue reading An early Christmas present Alex and Brandon with Ariel

Back In Africa Part 23 with Ariel, Gaelan and Luke

Ariel Vanean, Luke Hamill and Gaelan Binoche -In our Back in Africa installment today Ariel has an early morning visitor. Gaelan has dropped by to say hello and take the boys to see the house that he has been living in during his stay in Cape Town. As Ariel and Luke are the only ones who are at home (wasn’t that convenient ), they get to go and have all the fun

Two Angels in Tender Battle

Not necessarily a battle royale, mind you. But one of tender, L’Amour. Or we’ll just settle for Lust…. I’ve always enjoyed watching Ariel Vanean because of his fun-loving and easy-going, seemingly down-to-earth personality. This will always transfer to his partners feeling at ease around him, which will always result in a hot scene. When he’s… Continue reading Two Angels in Tender Battle