Bel Ami’s Treasures

Bel Ami’s Treasures Before we introduce the scene that earned the #5 spot as we continue to countdown the 20 Fan Favorite Bel Ami Scenes of All Time, we take this opportunity to give a recap of our list so far: 20- Ethan Clarke and Tommy Hansen (Pillow Talk 1) 19- Matt Phillipe and Troy… Continue reading Bel Ami’s Treasures

It’s May! It’s May! The Masturbatory month of May!

They’re going for a record people! Without a doubt this is the biggest ever: A 27-man circle jerk! In heaven yet? You will be! While in South Africa, our gorgeous folks at Bel Ami decided to break the all-time gay porn record for the largest circle jerk ever filmed/shot. Currently, the record was 25 models… Continue reading It’s May! It’s May! The Masturbatory month of May!

Kevin Warhol and the Muscle Boys Part 1

Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans, Manuel Rios and Sascha Chaykin -Always wanting to try something new, today is Kevin’s first attempt at trying out as a documentary cameraman. George gave him a small Handycam and sent him to follow Manuel and Sascha around for a while and see what he could come up with. The guys are soon joined by Kris and it does not take long for a quick exercise in taking snapshots becomes a 3-way blow job between the guys.
We were all wondering how long Kevin could remain focused on taking the documentary rather than keeping his hands off the 3 big cocks he’s supposed to be filming. Well, true to Kevin form (and we do so love him for it), it doesn’t take long for him to get caught up with all that huge man meat, leaving his filming duties way-forgotten! Geez, can you blame him?
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A Tease of Things to Come or Cum in 2013 Part 1

So we’re not going to give you the names of all of the guys that you see here in these scenes as there are just too many, and there are quite a few new ones that we have yet to introduce you to. Today’s photos are a selection of pictures from scenes coming up in… Continue reading A Tease of Things to Come or Cum in 2013 Part 1

Quid Pro Quo

Too sweet for words, would be the only way to describe the opening to this two part flip-flop scene between dreamy Manuel Rios and Kevin, from issue 6 of Kinky Angels. Seeing Kevin cuddling his plushy animal slippers floating in Dreamland is enough for anyone to utter an ‘aw, how sweet.’ How sweet, indeed. And… Continue reading Quid Pro Quo


Has this ever happened to you? (I know it has) You’re going along…going about whatever you happen to be doing. Your mind may have wandered away from this plane of existence, if only temporarily. Then seemingly from out of nowhere, you spot something that immediately snaps you back to the reality everyone else is experiencing,… Continue reading Whoa!

Forever Lukas Part 3- Kris Evans and Lukas Ridgeston

Lukas Ridgeston and Kris Evans Well, as anyone might guess, it’s takes a lot of care and hard work to shoot a perfect scene, especially one featuring two hot and sexy love studs—namely Jack Harrer and Kris Evans. So as is customary for our esteemed auteur des eroticques, Lukas decides that a warm, relaxing shower would be just the thing to freshen up. However, Hungarian Bel Ami blue blood Kris Evans is not ready to just end the session at this, and seeing as he’s always ready for another go around—or, perhaps he wishes to pay his own brand of loving tribute in his own way to a living erotic God- Lukas emerges from his shower only to find Kris on the bed ardently waiting his legendary lover.- Take the free tour and see Lukas Ridgeston and Kris Evans naked, hard and shooting his load now!

Forever Lukas Part 6- Kevin Warhol finally gets his time with Lukas

Lukas Ridgeston and Kevin Warhol There is always a bit of rivalry between Jack and Kevin, and if anyone thinks that he will just lay back and sulk after Jack stole his role in the scene with Lukas, they are sorely mistaken.
As it turns out, Kevin has already seduced Lukas before and is determined to make sure that Jack finds out about it.

Unlike all the other scenes in Forever Lukas, this one was filmed earlier on (about 2 years ago) when we first started thinking about a Lukas comeback. It was all planned and shot by Lukas himself and at that time many of our scenes were still being filmed with condoms.
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