The Second Passion Play Gallery has been posted

Back when I presented my first gallery displaying those Bel Ami scenes I felt demonstrated intense passion, I originally intended for that single gallery to stand alone, like all the other ones I’ve ‘created’ here. I’m blessed and happy now that I was wrong. I should have known I’d find countless more, a steady flow… Continue reading The Second Passion Play Gallery has been posted

Meet Paul Mekas!

Everyone! I’d like you all to meet a new friend at Bel Ami. This lovely’s name is Paul Mekas and he’s from Hungary. As you can hopefully see, he looks like a very sweet boy and a very welcome addition to the Bel Ami family. He’s so beautiful with a lovely mouth, cute body and… Continue reading Meet Paul Mekas!

Ariel Vanean Mini Gallery 2

Ariel and Jack Blue; if you think the images of these two are hot, you should really check out their scene together which was smoking hot Ariel and Alex Orioli; now this was supposed to be Ariel’s training scene, yet I’m not quite sure who really got trained. It seemed that Ariel was able to… Continue reading Ariel Vanean Mini Gallery 2