The Start of Something Beautiful

And quickly approaching the end of my summer songs. Only one more to’ll be good. I promise. Think Friday. Think Love. *grin* Anymore and I’ll be giving it away. This one of Josh and Dolph is slightly older but not so much, perhaps, 2007ish (not entirely sure). Like the horrible cataloger I am, I… Continue reading The Start of Something Beautiful

Merry Christmas, Bel Ami

There is a delightful tradition that Bel Ami has cultivated over its esteemed history. For the holidays, the studio creates a special holiday episode for release either on DVD or as an online exclusive. Sadly, I only have in my possession two of them but these two have become classics. And I’ve decided especially for… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Bel Ami

Factory Cumshot with Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, Justin Boyd and Elias Kudrow

Behind the Scenes with Josh Elliot, Luke Hamill, Justin Boyd and Elias Kudrow – The boys at BelAmi have a little bit of a competitive streak in them. To prove it, humpy young bucks Justin Boyd and Elias Kudrow face off with our lean, elegant sex machines Luke Hamill and Josh Eliot for a jack-off contest, in this behind the scenes BelAmi documentary.

Old Souls

Our love is an old love baby It’s older than all our years I have seen in strange young eyes Familiar tears We’re old souls in a new life baby They gave us a new life To live and learn Some time to touch old friends And still return Our paths have crossed and parted… Continue reading Old Souls