Merry Christmas, Bel Ami

There is a delightful tradition that Bel Ami has cultivated over its esteemed history. For the holidays, the studio creates a special holiday episode for release either on DVD or as an online exclusive. Sadly, I only have in my possession two of them but these two have become classics. And I’ve decided especially for the holidays, I’d create a special tribute to them here. The first one is of Marcel Bouvier and Valentin Nabokov from Flings (2000). This one of sweet and gentle romanticism was simply too heartwarming for words. It’s the sweetness and cuteness that makes this one special. The second one is a delightful three way with Tim Hamilton, Danny Saradon and Josh Elliot taken from The Private Life of Tim Hamilton (2005). This one as well was certainly not short on cuteness and was just all over fun to watch. A little tickle to the funny bone certainly never hurts, and with these three, that’s essentially what you get. But then again, you certainly don’t have to take my word for it. I love these two scenes so much, I watched them again recently so I can put this special tribute together and believe me, these guys certainly know how to show a girl a great time. And when you watch these, even though edited, I hope you have a good time with them as well.

The music I decided to use for this special tribute, like a lot of these that I create, I went back and forth several times about what music to use for it. Right off the bat, I knew that traditional Christmas music just wasn’t going to work, at least not for the second part of the clip. But I wanted to use something that would be within the holiday spirit of things. After a day or two of auditioning songs, trying to find just the right ones and also the right mix, since I was going to put both clips together to create one video, I found the right music. Some may groan but I’ve always found the music of Enya to be wonderful. She simply has the voice of an angel and what better way to usher in the holiday than with this gorgeous gift of a voice. For the first part of the clip, I wanted a more sweet and romantic mood, so for the first track I chose from Enya’s 2008 album, And Winter Came, the very beautifully romantic, Stars and Midnight Blue. For the second part, I wanted a bit of a playful, whimsical mood, yet still festive so from the same album I chose White is in the Winter Night and One Toy Soldier. I definitely had fun with this one so I hope you all do too.

Enjoy and Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!



Video clips taken from Flings (2000), dir. by George Duroy and The Private Life of Tim Hamilton (2005), dir. by Marty Stevens; all video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clips: Stars and Midnight Blue, White Is In the Winter Night and One Toy Soldier; Enya taken from And Winter Came (2008); all music clips are the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.