Merry Christmas, Bel Ami

There is a delightful tradition that Bel Ami has cultivated over its esteemed history. For the holidays, the studio creates a special holiday episode for release either on DVD or as an online exclusive. Sadly, I only have in my possession two of them but these two have become classics. And I’ve decided especially for… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Bel Ami

Noah Aniston and Tim Hamilton: A Special Passion Play gallery

I meant to have included images from this scene in the last Passion Play gallery I posted, but it got mistakenly overlooked….my VERY BIG BAD! But I plan on remedying the situation now. This scene was an unreleased web episode produced around the 2007 or later time period. As it would happen, Tim would be… Continue reading Noah Aniston and Tim Hamilton: A Special Passion Play gallery

Dreaming of Predators

1-Tim Hamilton and Danny Saradon (Frisky Summer 4: Summer Loves, 2002) The one to rule them all So I borrowed a line from Tolkien but there really is no better way to introduce the one that Bel Ami fans have ruled above and beyond the absolute best of the best of Bel Ami’s classic scenes.… Continue reading Dreaming of Predators

Sweet Shot 4

Alright, my lovelies, just a few more cute ones to spring on you before I have to say ‘good-night’. You may have seen these before but they’re cute and sweet nonetheless. 🙂 Enjoy these, loves! xxoo All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Take me Over

7- Tim Hamilton and Tommy Hansen (Greek Holiday, 2004) We continue today to countdown the 20 fan favorite Bel Ami scenes of all time….. Who could ever forget this one? And it would be an incorrigible sin to leave it off any favorites list. I speak of course to this one with Tim Hamilton and… Continue reading Take me Over

Cherries and Sweet Flings Film Scene By Scene

Prior to joining, I was collecting their DVDs and by the time I had gotten around to purchasing Cherries and Flings, I was just completing the videography collections of both Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston. I was wondering whose would be the next one to ‘flesh-out’. The same friend who showed me images of… Continue reading Cherries and Sweet Flings Film Scene By Scene

A Fling Between Friends

15- Tim Hamilton and Marcel Bouvier (Flings, 2000) Truth be told, I doubt any favorite Bel Ami scene list would be complete without this one. Taken from BelAmi’s middle period, the opening scene from Flings featuring Tim Hamilton and Marcel Bouvier has become an immortal classic by many of BelAmi’s fans. It would be Tim’s… Continue reading A Fling Between Friends

Luke Hamill and Tim Hamilton

Luke Hamill and Tim Hamilton -These images were taken from the opening scene of the film, Undressed Rehearsals Part 1, with Luke Hamill and Tim Hamilton. I must say that I get a moment of Zen every time I view this one. The set design for their tryst was quite lovely with the Asian motif… Continue reading Luke Hamill and Tim Hamilton

To Wish Impossible Things

This next video tribute has somewhat of an history and boy, did I sit on this one for a while. I used a different song for these clips originally than what is presented now. When I did the clip the first time, I went with mood more than anything else and I thought at the… Continue reading To Wish Impossible Things