Afternoon Delight

The first time I watched this scene between Luke Hamill and Alex Orioli from Pillow Talk 3 (2006) I found myself speechless, my head spinning as if I had just got off a roller coaster, but no roller coaster I’ve ever been on had my clit twitching. 🙂 I watched it again after I did the edited version I’m presenting here, even edited it’s a splendid and intensely erotic scene and it had my clit quivering yet again. Thus is the sexual power possessed by these two gorgeous Adonises.In a previous post entitled, Waxing Romantic, I showed you some images taken from a photo session with these two, which I’m guessing was taken around the same time or a little before the film’s production. The lovely chemistry they shared was literally off the chart. The images showed clearly their intense passion for one another. If you were even slightly bowled over by those images, the scene these two created together will undoubtedly scorch your retinas. *wink* Luke is so intense and passionately sexual and Alex is also; when you put these two together, you get some action that is scorching hot and beautifully passionate. As much as I try to edit out cum shots as much as I can, I left in a bit of Alex’s beautiful orgasm at the end. I loved seeing the look of pleasure on his face and the kiss the two of them share was just a wonderful, generous spoonful of frosting on this already yummy love cake.

I may have only taken a slight departure musically from what I’ve done in the past. Two B.K. Sun tracks crown the scene in the beginning (taken from the Cherries and Out At Last 2:Bonbons dvd’s respectively). The third selection, a slight tempo change occurs and a song by one of my favorite guitar gods, Joe Satriani, Rubina begins. Anyone who has heard of his music knows what splendid a musician he is, and so emotional. The sound he gives a guitar is almost as if it’s singing. This song in particular is by far the most intensely erotic song he’s probably ever done and he wrote it with his muse clearly in mind, that being his wife. Closing out the scene is another track I took from the Cherries dvd.

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