Ahem Uh–well, know

Where it is not a person’s first language, English to many foreigners may seem very confusing. Is there any other language where you would have at least 4 words that sound completely the same yet were spelled differently?Given time though, people learning my mother tongue will eventually get use to these little idiosyncrasies.But when it… Continue reading Ahem Uh–well, know

Sweet Shot 7

It’s all about the frottage here with these two beautiful and sweet images. Watching two lovers interact will always be special. But it’s always nice to see penises ‘talk’ to one another as well. Images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Penises In Love

Oh, hail..frottage! Of all the forms of love play that have been devised, frottage gets my vote for my favorite of them all. Penises, as I’ve said earlier, have a love language all their own. and just as their owners must feel the warm, tender touch of one another’s flesh, Penises have longings and desires… Continue reading Penises In Love

Into the Sensual World

Let me know how this one grabs you…. It’s late spring, early summer and you and your special someone are out for a drive in the country side.He has the top of his car down so you can take in the fresh, clean air. The soft scent of the evergreens in the distance catches your… Continue reading Into the Sensual World

Praise God for Dano and Ion

To me, Dano Sulik and Ion Davidov are Bel Ami’s sexiest treasures. I’ve seen all of Ion’s scenes now and I’m working on seeing all of Dano’s and, I don’t know if I’m the only one who’s noticed this, but dammit if these two don’t steal every scene they’re in. Both these guys love sex,… Continue reading Praise God for Dano and Ion

A tease. A tickle. The whole dill pickle.

Yep…I think that pretty much sums up this post quite well. I have a metric ton of works in progress that, much to my chagrin, will have to simmer for a bit while I wrap up this semester…can you say: only 3 weeks left? SWEET!!!! And you all, I hope, know what that means…I’ll be… Continue reading A tease. A tickle. The whole dill pickle.

Passion Play Gallery 3 posted

The third Passion Play Gallery has been posted. To view the gallery, go here, then follow the links to navigate through the gallery: Enjoy! xxoo, ~Bella Passion Play Gallery #3: Films/Website scenes image sources: 1) Oliver Krist and Filip Olivier- Cherries 2) Adrian Kinski and Marcel Bouvier- Cherries 3) Ethan Clarke and Giorgio Carreras- photo… Continue reading Passion Play Gallery 3 posted

Sweet Shot #5

You guys should know me by now, but I live for, and cherish, shots like this one. So beautiful and sweet; a tender moment caught lovingly in still frame and just as lovingly, entwined itself around my soul. And Kevin is such a sweet, darling love. It delights me so to call him Bel Ami’s… Continue reading Sweet Shot #5