Idol Worship was never this blistering hot in my youth! Welcome to the sexiest bedroom wall on the World Wide Web!

Josh and Matt, and the beauty they created together are what brought me to Bel Ami in the first place.

You can email me your questions and comments (I do love getting fan mail myself, believe me), referencing this blog in the subject heading at:

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This blog was started solely to pay loving tribute to the gorgeous art of the Bel Ami Studio. For this new incarnation of Bella Ami Femme Fatale, some back story may be in order:

As of this writing, BelAmi Bella has been in existence for almost 2 and a half years now. It would be around the same time I first discovered the stunning work of Bel Ami. Within this very short span of time viewing their films as well as the content on their website, BelAmiOnline, I’ve noticed that the gay erotica coming from this studio was totally unlike anything seen before.

This was due in large part to the studio’s founder, George Duroy, who began Bel Ami in 1993, back when he was still shooting pictures for Falcon Studios. From the first scene in the first film I watched, I became enamored with these gently romantic and sensually erotic films.

I of course fell in rapturous and passionate love with the extraordinarily beautiful men who starred in them. In a very real sense, this blog is really for all of them, to pay loving tribute to these loving, giving souls who help make flesh our deepest fantasies. I noticed a spirit of fun and exuberant passion in these young stars that have made the imaginations of many take flight.

It is with tremendous pride and esteemed privilege to offer all of you a glimpse into this amazing and magical erotic world. I came to the idea to create this blog in order to showcase and in fact create a home for BelAmi’s beautiful erotic art and with the combined video gallery and image galleries I’ve created here a continuing, online art gallery, a one of a kind on the web.

To me, and hopefully to all of you, these incredible artists, both in front of and behind the camera have brought back the beauty, the romantic sensuality and of course the giddy fun of what sex should be.

These are films that are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, which to me is something quite rare in erotic films nowadays. And they are certainly not afraid to wear their libidos right where they should be. Very lucky for all of us, it would seem. 😉

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Like any host, I must lay down some ‘house rules’.

I know that some people don’t like rules, but even I have some I need to live by while I continue my blogging/writing life in the Cyber-realm.

These are rules that you MUST abide by, and keep in mind of, while you visit here. There’s not a lot of them but they are still important.

If you have a question about any of these rules- ask:
I love sharing my knowledge of film with as many people as possible; part of why I’m here in the first place.
Feel free to ask me anything you wish as long as it’s nothing too personal about either myself or any of the models presented on this site. But, take note: This is NOT a gossip blog. I will not engage in any behavior here that would endanger the privacy of any of the guys. That’s not the reason I created this blog and it’s not my way personally.
There are other blogs out there that consistently go out of their way to cause harmful damage to the boys. It was my mission since BelAmi Bella’s inception that I wished to set her apart from all of them.

For my part, I much prefer that I don’t know too much about the guys’ private lives outside of their work for BelAmi. I take somewhat of a Momma Wolf approach; it’s only because I strongly feel that these boys have a right to their privacy and they deserve to be protected and respected.

Being a member of BelAmiOnline, I do come across a tidbit of news about the boys here and there, which is one of the perks of membership and frequent visits to the site’s forum. Be that as it may however: if it’s not about a film or scene specifically or just from myself being in an amorous mood within one of my posts (yeah, you’ll get that a lot here), those tidbits of information I will keep to myself and not post them as my own personal policy. It’s out of my profound and deep respect to BelAmi that I do so.

So, to recap Rule #1:- Emailed questions about BelAmi’s films or scenes, or about a guy in a particular scene and related questions: totally acceptable and I’ll enjoy entertaining them.

Seemingly personal questions about any of the guys or myself or any seemingly threatening emails pertaining to the guys or myself: totally NOT acceptable and those emails will be automatically deleted without response.

Though I’m not an employee of BelAmi (I so wish I was!), I tend to take somewhat of a militant stance when it comes to the guys’ safety and security, taking those things to great heart. Emails of a decidedly threatening nature will be reported!

Bella doesn’t like meanies and neither do I.

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Yes, I deal with copyrighted material (I’ll get to all the legal stuff in a moment), so I can’t claim any ownership over anything I use here. The only thing I can claim is that most of the writing here is mainly my own (exceptions are the BAO updates that I do as promotion). The video clips I present are my own compilations/creations and it’s the creative way I put these things together that I can claim ownership of… it’s the ‘process’ I can claim, basically….NEVER can I claim the content itself as mine.

Therefore: Please make no requests for uncut footage. Or otherwise illegally try to obtain something found here! My blog is not a torrent site and has no claim to be so.

This blog is my means of creative expression, as well as to share my knowledge and my love for both film and music with you. Not to mention, to share my love for Bel Ami with all of you.

I want to get you guys so excited by what I show you here that you will want to join BelAmiOnline yourself or buy their films. If you see an image you enjoy here, feel free to download it. As long as it’s for personal use, I’ll be cool with it.

Also, if you want to reblog an image from here, you may but I have to request that you please link back to my blog or to BelAmiOnline as a means to ‘cite the original source’. This is just per DMCA rules.

I know that sounds like a major pain in the tail-end, but it’s nice and it’s sort of the main rule of the Internet. Contrary to the widespread notion by many, the Internet is NOT a ‘Fair Use’ Universe. Every piece of content that can be found on the web has been created by someone else. You can’t use what you find here or anywhere else any way you see fit without any regard for the originators of the work.

You must always do what you can to cite the source of the web content you find (a URL link back to the site you found the content, is usually enough if the artist is not known in many cases).

And please don’t remove any watermarks or studio marks found on any images here. I try to stay as DMCA complaint as possible here by trying to cite my original source for all image, video and audio content I use and I do this by leaving intact all studio logos and seals.

The video clips however are NOT available for download. Sorry, guys. Things in the past were getting too out of hand and it seemed that one of the sites I was using for hosting was making my content available for free download without my consent. I need to be able to not only protect my hard work but also that of BelAmi as well.

To recap rule #2: This is a piracy/theft intolerant blog!

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3) This one Bella wanted me to put in just because she fusses so much. But she feels it’s important.

If you have any questions in regard to any of the forementioned rules, or if you need help in citing a web source, please, by all means, feel free to ask me. I’ll be more than happy to guide you. I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’ve also become a self-taught copyright and internet IP guru. I’ll be more than happy to explain anything that’s not clear. I love what I do and I really hope I make it show here.

Bella is also trying to get use to her new home and we’re still in the process of tweaking and ‘straightening up’. You can lend us a hand too. If you run across something that is not working here, e.g., a broken link, something not loading properly, even a missing image set, let me know either in a comment or through the help desk (the red tab on the right hand side of the blog page) and it will be resolved as soon as I can. Like I said, we take pride in what we do here. And Bella fusses when something isn’t to her liking.


Now, for the legal stuff (yeah, I know, but I have to state it anyway):

Content Copyright Notice:
All video and image content is copyrighted ©1993-2013 by George Duroy, and remains the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment. No copyright infringement is intended.

Any images and videos are for private use only. Any unauthorized duplication or distribution of any content, in whole or in part, is in violation of Federal and International Copyright Laws.

The author (that’s me) does not claim ownership of any content found on this blog. Although the video tributes are my own creations/compilations, I’ve cited all images and video clips to remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment, unless otherwise stated. All effort is being made to provide proper citation to all sources and no effort will be made to remove any watermarks found on any work.

Blog Copyright Notice:

Belami Bella is copyrighted © 2010-2013 by Elspeth Chagall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication or distribution of any content on this blog, in whole or in part, is in violation of Federal and International Copyright Laws.

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