Princes of Eros

We are coming to the last two entries to the Summer Songs series, and this one I have to say is one of my favorites of all the ones in the series I’ve presented so far. Dario and Ariel are enjoying a day of sightseeing in an old Slovakian castle. As they film the interior, and getting swept up into the moment, Ariel films Dario’s striptease. Very soon, they get caught up in the castle’s sensual magic and they take the opportunity to work that magic on one another.

This two-part scene, greatly edited down for this mash-up, was lovingly filmed by the maestro, George Duroy, himself. And Dario and Ariel have earned their places in my heart as my personal Princes of Eros. 🙂

Music clips: Devorzhum, by Dead Can Dance taken from the album Spiritchaser; The Carnival Is Over, by Dead Can Dance taken from the album, Into The Labyrinth

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Music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no infringement is intended.