May this rite be consecrated in Flesh and Sperm

Just when Bel Ami couldn’t get any more awesome, they give us their most genius piece of erotic art to date. Earlier this year, they presented to us on their website what could easily be the largest sex scene ever shot in the history of gay porn: a 27-man circle jerk, which featured three of Bel Ami’s newly acquired models. During the time of the same shoot, a 13 man orgy was filmed which would happen to become the proving ground or rite of passage of sorts for darling, sweet and Bel Ami’s crowned prince, Kevin Warhol. This scene has been subtitled as a ‘baptism by sperm’, which is not so far off the mark. But in every sense it is young Kevin’s chance to proof himself to his ‘older’, more experienced fellow ‘brothers’. What young Kevin may lack in soccer prowess, he makes up for in his other, ‘special’ talents of the erotic variety. He takes great enthusiastic delight in showing the other guys what sexual powers he possesses, and proves to surpass even their own, much to even their surprise. As he lavishes his attentions to his brothers, it doesn’t become long when all attention is turned to this young prince. What transpires is an initiation that has to be seen to be believed. When three of the guys formed a ‘flesh altar’ on which Kevin presented himself, it gave the scene a deliciously surreal quality to the scene that I just ate up. Sadly, though I can only tease you with a small part of this amazing scene. This two part scene has to be Bel Ami’s masterpiece to date, and like all of their work, truly must be seen in its entirety. Yet, it’s too wonderful not to share at least in some respect.
Music clips where a couple I thought would fit the ritualistic aspect of this scene. First up is The Fatal Impact by Dead Can Dance, from their self titled album. And to close out the scene, I used Pure by Gary Numan taken from the 2000 album, Pure.

Video clips taken from ‘Condom-free Orgy, Parts One and Two’ released October 28 and October 30 (dates approximate), as a Bel Ami website exclusive programming scene. All video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.