First Fuck with Kevin Warhol breaking in newbie Tom Pollock

Kevin Warhol and Tom Pollock -Today we have the pleasure of bringing you Tom Pollock’s first full sex scene at Bel Ami with sexy hottie Kevin Warhol guiding the way. George had mentioned that Tom reminded him a lot of Dolph personality wise: very easy going and phlegmatic.

Alex Orioli fucks Jason Knightley

Alex Orioli and Jason Knightley -If tall, dark and handsome guys are your thing (and who doesn’t like a dark-haired handsome prince in their bed, especially if that prince happened to be Alex Orioli), then today’s scene will be a double win for you, with perennial favorite Alex Orioli fucking the uber-sexy Jason Knightley. Take the free tour and see Alex Orioli and Jason Knightley naked, hard and shooting their loads now!

The Start of Something Beautiful

And quickly approaching the end of my summer songs. Only one more to’ll be good. I promise. Think Friday. Think Love. *grin* Anymore and I’ll be giving it away. This one of Josh and Dolph is slightly older but not so much, perhaps, 2007ish (not entirely sure). Like the horrible cataloger I am, I… Continue reading The Start of Something Beautiful

Marco Bill fucks Dario Dolce bareback

Marco Bill and Dario Dolce -Marco Bill and Dario Dolce have a very odd idea of what it is to be soldiers as BelAmi’s cameraman Marty Stevens finds out in today’s episode. Marco’s first command to Dario is to kiss his butt