Marc Vidal and Pierre Delon

Marc Vidal and Pierre Delon -These images feature two of my all time favorite BelAmi beauties from the past: Marc Vidal and Pierre Delon. To get to see my beautiful Marc plow Pierre’s sweet derriere was a wonderful way to start the day, and who could truly ask for anything more? And Pierre sported one… Continue reading Marc Vidal and Pierre Delon

BelAmi-Corbin Fisher Luke Hamill and Elijah Photo Session

Luke Hamill and Elijah -These images were from the photo session done during the joint BelAmi/Corbin Fisher production a while back and features Luke Hamill and Elijah. Take the free tour and see Luke Hamill and Elijah naked, hard and shooting their loads now!

BelAmi Luke Hamill and Keanu Faria

Luke Hamill and Keanu Faria -Luke Hamill & Keanu Faria are taking a fun stroll in the woods when they chance upon a private spot. Luke picks his young stud up and takes him to the haystack inside, plops him right into his little ‘love nest’, as Luke very cutely calls it. They slowly strip each other to reveal lean, ripped bodies

Luke Hamill and the Kinky Angels Orgy Part 2

Luke Hamill, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer -In the second part of the Kinky Angels orgy you will notice that Adam disappears for the fucking part of the scene. Since it was a very early scene and it was during a time that Adam still had a lot of troubles bottoming and also couldn’t keep it up as a top, GD decided to leave him out of the 2nd part of this scene

BelAmi Threesome with Luke Hamill, Jacques Briere and Jean-Claude Duvall

Luke Hamill, Jean-Claude Duvall and Jacques Briere -This is one of the last scenes in BelAmi’s film library that they have with Jacques and one of very few with Jean-Claude. It was filmed in 2007.

Barn Orgy from Mating Season

Barn Orgy from Mating Season -In honor of the release of BelAmi’s DVD Collection Orgies BelAmiOnline started to post to their web site some of their most famous orgy scenes that would be featured on the DVD. The first of those was the Barn Orgy from the film, Mating Season. This would also be the first time this scene was being made available for download in High Definition.

BelAmi No Experience Necessary Orgy

No Experience Necessary Orgy -This orgy comes from Sebastian Bonnet’s No Experience Necessary. It has Jan Gabriel, Niall Dawson, Ethan Clarke, Rick Fontana, Davy Paxton and Luke Hamill.