More of Misha Akunin

Misha Akunin – We just can’t seem to get enough of this cheeky, sexy, green-eyed boy. Eliot Klien is behind the lens to capture the beauty of this sparkly lad. We do indeed look forward to seeing more of him in the coming months. Bel Ami hopes to bring him aboard the Kinky Angels team, which we’re sure he’ll fit right in.
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Belami Art Collection Photo Session Video Gallery: Kris Evans by Joan Cristol

Kris Evans This set of images is one of 2 Joan Crisol made with Kris Evans during our trip to Ibiza. We call this the bathtub set (for obvious reasons) and it highlights the sultry side of the beauty of Kris.
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Bel Ami’s Greatest Ass-sets

It’s a particularly dreary day here in Philadelphia. Let’s see: It’s windy, it’s raining, The dark clouds have obscured my lovely sun, turning the sky black as pitch. In fact, I have every reason in the world to feel utterly miserable. But not when there’s treats to share. Also, it is Monday and Goddess knows… Continue reading Bel Ami’s Greatest Ass-sets

Beautiful Sweet Shots Gallery

If you are a regular visitor here you more than likely know, as I’ve written here many times before: I truly live to find shots like the ones you’ll see in this gallery. My journey through Bel Ami’s Garden of Eros naturally began with the films and noticing shots like these that would make me… Continue reading Beautiful Sweet Shots Gallery

The Beauty of the Bel Ami Male

The artistry of photography is what it’s all about for me, and within the last few days I’ve come across some of the finest examples of photographic erotic portraiture I have ever seen. Beginning with this post and others on occasion, I’d like to share with you some of my finds, all having something in… Continue reading The Beauty of the Bel Ami Male

Jim Kerouac Photographed by Luke Hamill Part 2

Jim Kerouac -The beauty Jim Kerouac possesses will be clearly evident in these images, as Luke Hamill’s camera eye lovingly captures it. Luke Hamill recently swapped his position behind the video camera (which he has demonstrated that he expertly handles), to taking up the still camera for this test shoot taken in January 2011 during Bel Ami’s stay in Cape Town

Return of the Soft Video Gallery

About a month ago, nearly two months (this school term is flying by as it seems), I teased you all with a little disclosure of a project I had begun work on. It was a collection of Bel Ami screen captures and portraiture that I thought would look great done as old fashioned erotic photographs.… Continue reading Return of the Soft Video Gallery

Belami Flashback Photosession Video with Paul Morisette

Paul Morisette Today we have some images taken from Paul Morisette. He hasn’t been with BelAmi in many moons now, and it’s unknown whether he shot any action scenes for them. But be that as it may, he was a stunning beauty as such be evident from these pictures. Many of BelAmiOnline’s fan/member base requested that they release some of the older material with the guys. We were dying to see these older photo sessions. I think to say requested would be slightly inaccurate: we begged, pleaded, and whined on BelAmiOnline’s forum that we wanted to see them. As the saying goes: “Ask and you shall receive” How true. I have to ask as well: what’s not to like about this adorable, sexy lad? With a fuckable, bubble-butt, a lovely cock and gorgeous body to die for. Who could ask for anything more? – Take the free tour and see Paul Morisette naked, hard and shooting his load now!