Some fun at the beach

Oh my goodness! Look what they do to poor Julian! Those meanies! LOL!! Well, Julian doesn’t seem to mind, so I guess it’s all good! πŸ™‚ All video clips remain the property of their copyright holder and no copyright infringement is intended. Video clip taken from Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (D.O.P: 8/1996), Dir. George Duroy

Group Play 5: A Real Wild Child

I’m reposting this one because not only is it one of my favorite scenes from Frisky Summer 2, but it’s way too much fun! Did I say that Bel Ami’s films had a spirit of fun about them? I’m sure you already knew that. Being a new fan somewhat and in the process of going… Continue reading Group Play 5: A Real Wild Child

Jimmy Larson

George Duroy remembers Jimmy Larson as β€œa very funny character.” He came from a tiny village in Northern Slovakia and was raised with strict conservative Catholic beliefs. β€œHe was a natural-born country bumpkin and probably would never have come to Bratislava unless for the compulsory military service at the time,” George says, β€œwhich he served here in the city. That is how we found him.” Jimmy was definitely very cute, with a compact, beautiful body, blond hair and bubble ass. β€œHe was completely kinky on one hand,” George says, β€œand yet on the other, the conservative Catholic streak in him was very strong.” As a result, he would call and ask for work, but then his guilt would win over and he would not show up to film. In the end, we had to give him up because he was too unpredictable. But sexually, he was a great bottom and could have been a great model, George believes, along the lines of Sebastian Bonnet. – Take the free tour and see Jimmy Larson hard and naked in his movies!
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Found this one on someone’s Tumblr and just had to share it. Too awesome! πŸ˜€ (Source)

Who you callin’ cute?

I’ve always felt that, judging from a few images I’ve seen with the two of them, Sascha and Bielko have a very special bond. They’re buds, plain and simple. πŸ™‚ In the game of life, there are some arguments that, simply put, just aren’t meant to be won. (Bielko: *sigh* “Cuteness. It’s a tough job,… Continue reading Who you callin’ cute?

Ahem Uh–well, know

Where it is not a person’s first language, English to many foreigners may seem very confusing. Is there any other language where you would have at least 4 words that sound completely the same yet were spelled differently?Given time though, people learning my mother tongue will eventually get use to these little idiosyncrasies.But when it… Continue reading Ahem Uh–well, know

Ever have one of those days?

How many times has this ever happened to you?Β Happened to me just last night. This gives a whole new take on coitus interruptus. πŸ˜‰ Video clip from Lukas In Love, Part One (D.O.P: 8/2005), dir. George Duroy. Video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.