Into the Sensual World

Let me know how this one grabs you….

It’s late spring, early summer and you and your special someone are out for a drive in the country side.He has the top of his car down so you can take in the fresh, clean air. The soft scent of the evergreens in the distance catches your nostrils and everything is lush and green, the sky hasn’t a cloud in it, just a sea of turquoise as far as your eyes can see. It seems like you’ve been riding for a while but you both haven’t a care in the whole world. You catch him glance over to you from the corner of your eyes, and he’s smiling. You wonder what the devil he’s up to. Are we lost? you ask him. He smiles and answers, don’t you know where we are? No, you say. You play as if you haven’t a clue where the two of you are, but you do. He’s taking you to the place he took you on your very first date. Wait, he says, you’ll see soon enough. You pull off the road and there’s a field surrounded by woods. Set back into the woods you see an old shed. As you approach, the sight you see makes you catch your breath.Underneath the inviting shade of a tall, old oak tree, its long branches hanging over creating a canopy, a lovely bedroom awaits you. The metal frame of the head board is adorned with a white mesh drape. There’s a bathtub that awaits your entry. And no bridal suite would be complete without a chilling bottle of the finest champagne waiting for you to imbibe it. You can’t in all your wildest dreams imagine a more romantic setting to celebrate…what? Does it have to be any occasion at all? Nothing says you couldn’t indulge in the simplest pleasure of escaping to a secluded rendezvous to be with the one you love. Shouldn’t that be a celebration in and of itself? Wouldn’t being in such an idyllic place be enough to spark all your passions and being amongst the beauty of nature ignite all your senses, as well as setting ablaze the flame of the love you feel for one another? Ah…..yes! To rest in the tranquil serenity of your lover’s arms as the two of you indulge your passions within the Goddess’ grace would be a treasure sublime.

I recently saw for my first time, this finale scene from Pillow Talk 3 (2006) with Sebastian Bonnet and Matt Philippe, and the beautiful romanticism, not to mention eroticism, just swept me off my feet. Watching these beauties make love was joyous enough, but coupled with this sweet, touching setting, an outside boudoir, was like a dream. Watching them, you were made to feel that they were a couple very much in love. So steeped with emotion was this scene, I had to control the tears that welled up in my eyes. This scene, like many of these scenes was celluloid nirvana. I won’t say much more. I’ll let this one speak its volumes of gentle, loving passion, as I will also let the music I chose to set this scene speak for itself too. There are two that should be utterly familiar to you, the other two have placed me in a state of quandary, and I hope that there will be someone out there to help me identify these tracks so I can locate more of this music. Both of these uncredited tracks I got from ‘mining’ an Internet radio site. This site was neat for it had stations from all over the world. Out of curiosity, I checked out a couple of stations from the Czech Republic. Having an interest in ambient/experimental music as well as all my other musical interests, these pieces blew me away. If anyone can help me identify these tracks, please leave a comment. I would be very grateful to any help anyone would be willing to give me. Here’s a track listing of what I used, stating which tracks I need aid with:

1) Untitled B.K Sun track, taken from Lukas In Love Part 2

2) Unknown music clip taken from the Cesky rozhlas Vltava Internet radio broadcast 11/17/2010 (last track from a late night set list) (URL source: HELP!!! πŸ™‚

3) Opening credit sequence from Pillow Talk 1, B.K.Sun

4) Unknown music clip taken from the Cesky rozhlas Vltava Internet radio broadcast 11/17/2010 (opening track for the set…or at the point I came in) (URL source: HELP!!! πŸ™‚

All video clips taken from Pillow Talk 3 (2006), dir. George Duroy; all video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.