Welcome to The Park

Seeing as I just don’t want to leave this incredible orgy scene just yet, I got inspired to do one last video tribute in its honor. Yet, the real impetus for this tribute sprang from my thoughts and feelings in regard to the image below. This single image spoke volumes to this romantic heart and its context should be blatantly apparent.

Like so many of these sweet shots that I never stop searching for, this one is so full of tenderness, of soft romantic feeling I wanted to at the very least ‘show’ the scene element that gave this image birth. This entire scene has its own story in a way, if one is patient enough to search it out. From the soccer game on the beach, to this scene in the villa, this is very much a young prince’s ‘sexual awakening’ and initiation into the Bel Ami family. Separate from everyone else it seems, in their own world, Kevin and Manuel share a passionate kiss and embrace as Dolph comes in to share in their moment and joins Manuel in welcoming Kevin into ‘the family’. It was a moment that touched me deeply (of course I wish they zoomed the camera in on them so that the entire focus was on them; there was a lot of great and sweet stuff going on between those three…so when it gets near the end of this clip: WATCH THEM! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THEM! LOL!). It’s moments like this one that keep me coming back to Bel Ami time and time again. It’s magical wonderment to me that amongst this scene so full of intense eroticism, there could be found this single moment of sweet and tender joy. Part and parcel what makes this studio so very uniquely special and continues to remain so since its own birth.

To my heartbreak, I found the perfect piece of music to highlight this short, almost too short, moment. Returning to Gary Numan again, I found this track off of Machine and Soul, Love Isolation, which had in its instrumental opening the sweet gentleness I was looking for, but I could only use a small part of it. I’ve decided to use the song later on in another mash up. The other piece of music to round out the other scene clips as well as to give this scene the already surreal edge it has, I used Gary Numan’s classic song from 1979’s Replicas, Down in the Park. But it’s this sweet closing shot with Kevin, Manuel and Dolph I wanted to use as my focus and close out this video tribute.

Video clips taken from Condom-Free Orgy, Part Two a Bel Ami Online original programming episode released October 30, 2010 and remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clips: Down In the Park, Gary Numan, taken from Replicas (1979); Love Isolation (edited), Gary Numan, Machine and Soul. All music clips remain the sole property of the copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.