A tease. A tickle. The whole dill pickle.

Yep…I think that pretty much sums up this post quite well. I have a metric ton of works in progress that, much to my chagrin, will have to simmer for a bit while I wrap up this semester…can you say: only 3 weeks left? SWEET!!!! And you all, I hope, know what that means…I’ll be back full throttle with more frequent postings. You guys have all been very loving and patient with me while I was handling this semester which I couldn’t get into at all…but the up-shot is..I will only have one course to go after this. So I just have to hang on a little longer. In the meantime, while I’m sorting all this out and ‘getting it done’, thought I’d leave you guys with a little something something. 🙂

First is another music clip I ripped from the Marcel and Sasha scene from Out At Last 2: Bonbons. I was able to pick up another audio editing program, Sony’s Sound Forge, which happened to come with Sony’s also cool as all hell Vegas Movie Studio HD. With Sound Forge and the other software that came with my license I got a vocal eraser….hmmmm…..let’s try that one out, shall we? I worked on it last night and it worked surprisingly well. The one caveat when I tried it again with another ‘newer’ clip that had a more digital sound track instead of analog (not sure if others of you are up on all that audio/video jargon …it took a while for me to get it finally), it didn’t work as well…BALLS! But at least I got one marginal success with this one. The problem I ran into with Audacity, the music track seemed altered after you removed the ‘vocals’. With Sound Forge I found that the vocal eraser uses a different method to remove the vocals/vocalizations that leaves the music intact. In any event, you’ll still get to hear my latest B.K. Sun find. 🙂

I’m still in the process of compiling all the images, but it looks like around the first week in December I’ll be doing the first posting of the mega gallery of BA’s orgy scenes. Some of the images will be those that I’ve already shown, but in a much abbreviated way, and I uncovered some ‘surprises’. But because this post is all about the tease and tickle, I’ll offer you a few random ones to help polish your rods. 🙂

Now guys, I have slated on my plate to complete today three video clips….I think..don’t hold me to that because you know what usually happens…I either forget, get sidetracked or otherwise have a memory lapse…oops (insert sheepish, impish grin here) All I can promise is that I can try. I will promise, that is I hope, the music for one of them will be a little bit different, more tongue in cheek….it just fits these two so well. 😉 One of the clips is ready to go. I still have work to do on the other one. The third I’ll just have to wait on until Monday, along with the second one as well (I just won’t be able to get that one done in time before I go away this weekend, and I want to do this one right…it’s too special for me to flub). In the mean time, I’ll offer some screen captures from the third one so you’ll know what you have to look forward to on Monday. Monday looks to be very busy, but a whole lot of fun. 🙂

All images and music clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.