Cherries and Sweet Flings Film Scene By Scene

Prior to joining, I was collecting their DVDs and by the time I had gotten around to purchasing Cherries and Flings, I was just completing the videography collections of both Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston. I was wondering whose would be the next one to ‘flesh-out’. The same friend who showed me images of Johan and Lukas had posted to his blog one of the most beautiful and iconic images in the entire Bel Ami catalog, taken from the now classic scene between Tim Hamilton and Marcel Bouvier in Flings:

I had to see this scene for myself and picked up Flings. I then at the same time picked up Cherries mainly because of Sebastian Bonnet (yeah, I can be honest—-I fell in love with him too after watching he and Lukas fool around in that beach cove in Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian and to this day I still rate that one as one of my favorite scenes, let alone favorite DVDs, well next to Lukas in Love, naturally).
Yet it would be the opening scene of Cherries, with Adrian Kinski and Marcel Bouvier and how sweetly romantic and passionate they were together, I began to round out Marcel’s videography, however sadly small it was. Still he would leave a lasting impression on me, and the beauty he created in the scenes he’s done with Bel Ami, remain some of my favorites, as they’ve become erotic treasures in their own right.

With this mini gallery comprising images from the film Cherries and the Flings series and video image gallery, I wished to pay great homage to these films that contain some of the studio’s best known and loved scenes.

Images taken from Cherries, Flings, Flings 2, Flings 3 and Flings 4.

All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.