Ethan Clarke Seduces Robbie Martin

Call me love-struck; call me the ultimate fan-girl, but I turn into a swooning, gushy mess where my beloved Ethan Clarke is considered. I adore him a lot; something I’ve made no secret about here. This brief clip that I’m about to share with you was an awesome find…one I had forgot I had, in… Continue reading Ethan Clarke Seduces Robbie Martin

Take a sensuous journey to the Enchanted Forest

A Video Tribute in Two Parts Enchanted Forest Main Theme music clip: Enchanted Forest Main Theme Part One: Introduction To take a stroll through this beautiful and lush natural haven, you must do two very important things: 1) rest easily in the Goddess’ grace, and 2) leave all your inhibitions elsewhere. These five adventurous and… Continue reading Take a sensuous journey to the Enchanted Forest

Sweet Giorgio

The title of this post refers to the lovely Bel Ami lad, Giorgio Carrera who hasn’t shot with them from some time. And although I plan on honoring this beautiful boy at a later date, I felt like sharing with you an edited version of one of his final scenes he shot at Bel Ami… Continue reading Sweet Giorgio

Let there be no doubt these two are my favorites

It would seem that my rather angsty post of a few days ago, seemed to naturally transfer over to a lament over my broken heart, missing both Matt Phillipe and Ethan Clarke. This mash up I did of their scene in Pillow Talk 3, was done a while ago, but I wasn’t sure where it… Continue reading Let there be no doubt these two are my favorites

Ethan’s Pearl

This scene clip, originally slated for use in my Bel Ami Tribute series The Story So Far, was just too sweet, too adorable and too hot that instead of holding on to it waiting for its release later on, I decided to share this one now.  This scene was taken from the DVD, Out At… Continue reading Ethan’s Pearl

Ethan Clarke and Yves Carradine Couple Tribute Gallery

These two light up my world like no body else! So excited was I to see these two as the cover boys for BelAmi’s new DVD collection, Passion that I had to go back over all the content that featured them together, and taking all the best shots I could find, including some from Howard… Continue reading Ethan Clarke and Yves Carradine Couple Tribute Gallery

Come On Baby

So now the air is getting colder. It would seem as though summer has finally come to an end, as frosty grass gives way to wintry winds far sooner than anyone would want. But we’re not ready to let go of the warmth of summer just yet. Remember all my summer songs? I have one… Continue reading Come On Baby

It’s good to be the King

Taking a brief break from the Festival postings to give you all this: a bit of fun and no doubt should fit right in with everything else I plan on posting during the following few days. I took the title of this post from one of my favorite Mel Brooks’ movies, History of the World… Continue reading It’s good to be the King

Passion Before the Dawn

To celebrate the release of Bel Ami’s 2-disc DVD collection Passion, I wanted to honor the DVD’s cover boys, Ethan Clarke and Yves Carradine and do a re-edit of their colossally famous and beautiful lovemaking scene from Lukas In Love Part 1. This was a scene I had deemed too sacred to touch because of… Continue reading Passion Before the Dawn