Ethan’s Pearl

This scene clip, originally slated for use in my Bel Ami Tribute series The Story So Far, was just too sweet, too adorable and too hot that instead of holding on to it waiting for its release later on, I decided to share this one now. 

This scene was taken from the DVD, Out At Last 6: Web Site Stories and those who may not know what the series is, it’s basically comprised of scenes that were cut from films and have since been redone/reshot, or stuff that was never used in a film production or used on the BAOL website for whatever reason.  This one was a scene shot by Lukas Ridgeston.

This one falls into the heading of: “WTF was this one NOT shown/released formally!” Hopefully you’ll agree in my dismay. Not only was this an awesome find, but it was wonderful to see my two all-time faves, Ethan Clarke and Alex Orioli in a very early scene together. I love it!

The title of the post was derived partially from the song I used to play over their scene: The Pearl from Love and Rockets, taken from their album, Sweet FA. In many ways, I love this song for them. If one pays attention to the lyrics, it’s not a romantic song by any means (I always thought it had too dark of an undertone to call it one), but its graceful, playful rhythm and pace just seemed to work well. It’s not very often I get it right in the first try. This clip represents one of those times.

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