Passion Before the Dawn

To celebrate the release of Bel Ami’s 2-disc DVD collection Passion, I wanted to honor the DVD’s cover boys, Ethan Clarke and Yves Carradine and do a re-edit of their colossally famous and beautiful lovemaking scene from Lukas In Love Part 1. This was a scene I had deemed too sacred to touch because of its passionately erotic perfection and lyrical romanticism. The music helped to make it so, perfectly constructed to capture every subtle nuance of action. I simply and completely adore this scene. From the very first moment I sat down to watch it nearly two years ago, it has remained special and beyond reproach in all my wildest and most pleasurable of sexual fantasies.

Ethan and Yves are a dream couple, sweetly and lovingly giving to and sharing with each other everything they had, like any couple in passionate love with each other. Whether or not they were really a couple in love in ‘real life’ truly made no difference; it is how they make me feel when I watch them that matters most. Their performance together so warm, tender and alive, you couldn’t help but feel their passionate emotion for one another too. It’s a credit to them as the dynamic and powerful performers that they are that we are treated to such a lovely experience on film. Credit must go as well to how lovingly too the camera helped capture these moments for us, and so beautifully. This scene will keep me happily enchanted and dreamily and romantically inspired forever. Many scenes Bel Ami has produced since this one, many of those are just as beautiful and passionately erotic. It’s this one, as well as the film from which the scene springs, that I always find my way back to. It very much feels like falling in love for the first time, and you never forget how special that moment was. You want to hold on to its fragrance, as if it were a rare flower for eternity. I feel unbelievably blessed that when I’m gone, this sweet cinematic moment will endure for years more and it’ll always be my deepest, heartfelt wish that others will find it and love it as I have.

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Ethan and Yves, where ever you are, thank you for your gift to us. Me and all your fans all over the world love you both forever. This one is dedicated to both of you with deepest heartfelt love. Je t’aime.

Music selection: Before the Dawn, Evanescence (unreleased 2001-2002 demo track)