Let there be no doubt these two are my favorites

It would seem that my rather angsty post of a few days ago, seemed to naturally transfer over to a lament over my broken heart, missing both Matt Phillipe and Ethan Clarke. This mash up I did of their scene in Pillow Talk 3, was done a while ago, but I wasn’t sure where it should go (project wise), so I decided to make it part of my Summer Songs series. The scene’s scenario pretty much explains the inevitability of watching porn with your partner: you’re going to get turned on, and want to try out everything you see on your partner, who wants to do the same thing to you. And Matt and Ethan put on quite a good show for us. It was cool to see Ethan bottom, after seeing him mostly as a top. Either way, he was marvelous, full of sexual energy, and that energy is displayed here as well. In fact, both of these guys feed off the other’s energy quite well, creating together a scene of potent and passionate sexual energy. The music I chose to accompany this mash up are all pieces that you should all be familiar with and that need no introduction. 🙂

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