Sweet Giorgio

The title of this post refers to the lovely Bel Ami lad, Giorgio Carrera who hasn’t shot with them from some time. And although I plan on honoring this beautiful boy at a later date, I felt like sharing with you an edited version of one of his final scenes he shot at Bel Ami prior to leaving them, with another equally as beautiful young man, Gianni Fabian. However, I believe in a slow build, so before I get to their scene, want to know how he caught my eye?

 It was this beautiful image of him a friend of mine had on his blog.
And then there were these that I discovered upon joining Bel Ami Online, taken with my all-time beloved sweetheart, Ethan Clarke (I have many….I know. But Ethan remains special to me.). Their photo session would be one of my favorites and would also produce some of the studio’s most stunningly erotic and iconic images.
 It would be with this romantic photo session with Gianni Fabian that would seal the deal with me, and solidify in my mind what a beautiful erotic star he was.
 The above shot is one of my favorites from this set; an utterly fantastic image, filled with romantic as well as erotic emotion.
Though both of these sweet darlings haven’t been with Bel Ami for many moons, they should be remembered for the beauty they created together. This sweet and passionate scene, quite reminiscent of Bel Ami of Old remains as their parting gift to us.

By reminiscent I meant that the scene’s location bears a very slight similarity (and I do mean, slight), with a classic Bel Ami scene: the one in Flingswith Tim Hamilton and Marcel Bouvier.

The natural lighting, the way it was captured on film in this scene seems to transform it into one of sinister beauty and passionate eroticism.

The interesting effects of light and shadow, the way it plays on the boys’ flesh enhances the overall beauty of this impassioned couple.

For the musical accompaniment of this edit I used an old friend. This scene is available in its entirety both at BelAmiOnline.com and on Bel Ami’s 2-disc DVD collection, Desire.

All images and video clips are the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.