The Magic In The Wand

Just as there are women who are hung up on the size of their bust (I was a late bloomer, as it were, so I didn’t really care), there are guys that are just as hung up on the size of their (ahem) endowments. Not too long ago, I came across this post on a friend’s blog:

What do I say? FUHGITAHBOUTIT! (Translation: Forget About It)

Haven’t you heard the saying, “It’s not the size of the rod, but the magic in the wand”? Well, I’m about to provide you with proof to how very true this saying is.

All over the Internet you will see devices and drugs (which haven’t been approved by the FDA, by the way…I’m a biologist by schooling so I know these things, so therefore they haven’t been proven of their safety.), which promise only a temporary solution, and if you read the fine print of the commercials of these drugs, it’s very temporary.

Now I mentioned that I was a late bloomer. Well, to be honest I didn’t achieve a bust of actual note until my late teens and only after I went on the Pill. Hormones, kids! WOW! Guys, don’t do it! I stopped those a long time ago. But because of these ‘synthetic hormones’ (which was what the Pill was) my breasts sort of grew overnight (well, sort of, I’m exaggerating for effect.  It actually took several months). Up until that time, I had been termed a carpenter’s dream ==>  flat as a board and easy to screw. But I had taken it in stride. It was at the time that I made a stunning observation about my body and the fact that I took every and any opportunity to fuck the shit out of my boyfriend at the time (raging teenaged hormones====>newly awakened libido====>newly enlarged bust area====>COOL! 🙂 ) 

Since I started my sexually active career, I’ve been with a number of guys of various lengths, I shall say, and except for one of my ex’s (no names, naturally), every one of them managed to satisfy me and we had a great time when we were together. In the end, that’s all that really matters. If you are able to bring pleasure to your partner and he, or she, does the same for you, size matters NADA!

Now to get to what you have all been waiting for….today’s clip.

Normally, I try not to show the cum-shots in the clips I’ve posted so far, but I’m getting away from my personal protocol to prove a point. Granted this is not the full scene. As much I would have loved to have shared this one in all its splendor, I can’t. But anyway, in this awesome, but brief clip, Josh Elliot and Alex Orioli are spending some quality time together, and in the midst of the proceedings, to the delighted surprise of everyone present (cameraman included), Alex ejaculates, while Josh is still inside him. It’s a beautiful moment that is concluded with a sweet and tender kiss.

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