Old Souls

Our love is an old love baby
It’s older than all our years
I have seen in strange young eyes
Familiar tears
We’re old souls in a new life baby
They gave us a new life
To live and learn
Some time to touch old friends
And still return

Our paths have crossed and parted
This love affair was started
Long, long ago
This love survives the ages
In its story lives are pages
Fill them up, may ours turn slow

Our love is a strong love, baby
We give it all
And still receive
And so with empty arms
We must still believe
All souls last forever
So we need never fear goodbye
A kiss when I must go
No tears, in time, we kiss…hello
~Paul Williams, for the 20th Century Fox 1974 film, “Phantom of the Paradise”
During the Halloween holiday weekend, I treated myself to 24 hours of horror movie madness (still, recovering from sleep deprivation at the time I’m writing this), and I was reacquainted with old movie friends and made some new ones along the way. I was especially reacquainted with one of my all-time favorite films: Brian DePalma’s fun and gentle little gem, 1974’s Phantom of the Paradise. The music in this film was wonderful, with lovely, sing-along melodies. And no musical would be complete without a show stopper. The song ‘Old Souls’ represents the heroine, Phoenix’s big break and her lovely voice would be the only one that would be able to give the Phantom’s music life. This song’s sweet and gentle melody of course became the inspiration for this next video tribute; you’ve seen this pair before, but I find myself returning to them, in my fantastical wish to have them reunited for another scene. I’ve seen these two in other scenes since this one, and each one of those have touched me deeply. But it’s this one, the one where I’ll be introduced to these two for the first time, will remain my heart and soul’s favorite, and I’ve been in love with these two ever since. When it’s right, it’s right, as they say. LOL!
This will serve as a very special love spell of sorts, and I wish this to be my huge hope that a third movie to finish out the story began in Seriously Sexy, will happen. I’m an eternal romantic, and I don’t think I could truly be satisfied unless Josh and Brandon’s ‘love story’ becomes resolved. I hate open endings, don’t you? I’d like to think it could happen, a real ending for a great story. Bel Ami does give us fans what we want. They gave us Kris and Dolph together, did they not? That was a dream match that we had demanded and they delivered, much to our delight. I don’t know of a fan who does not dream of Josh and Brandon coming back again. In any event, a third Seriously Sexy film is definitely on my Bel Ami wish list. 🙂 We’ll just have to see what happens. Maybe this little piece of mojo will help. Or not. If not, we have a lovely, sexy BelAmi memory. But this is a beautiful song and I couldn’t think of a couple more deserving to give it to, then these two: two of my all-time favorite Bel Ami loves. This is still one for the ages.

Video clips taken from Lukas In Love Part One (2005), dir. George Duroy; all video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.
Music clip: Old Souls (music and lyrics: Paul Williams), taken from the soundtrack of Phantom of the Paradise (1974), (20th Century Fox).