Just can’t seem to leave the beach

I’ve been having a bit of a culture shock the last few days. After spending an idyllic week on the beach and playing in the surf at St. Thomas, I had to return to the stiffling heat and rain (as of the last two days) here in Philadelphia. Monday of this week began our trek homeward. As I was riding in a rented van taking us to the airport for our flight home, I was going to trade, green hills and vallies, blue-green Caribbean waters and lovely beaches to cold concrete and glass and steel skyscrapers that comprise the Philadelphia skyline. Yuck! Who’s idea was this? It happens so often that the work week drudges on but when you have time away it seems to speed through at a break neck pace. You live without cares for a dream-like while, only to have reality come up and bite you squarely on the ass. Yet this week, the memory of that beach still remains, and I’m still back there right now. I wasn’t ready to leave, at least not yet.

Filled with this need to have the beach with me, I, very subconsciously, had woken up early Tuesday morning, and began to watch part one of Lukas In Love (still have to finish viewing this one), and imagine how I smiled watching this opening credit sequence with our boys frolicing on this gorgeous South African beach. It brought back the memory of being in paradise, and I wanted to share it here.

For this video clip I took the opening credit sequence of Lukas In Love Part One, and part of the photoshoot that follows, and I ‘married’ it with my favorite song by The Flaming Lips, Do You Realize, taken from their album, Yoshimi Fights the Pink Robots.

Enjoy, as I know you all will. 🙂

All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.

Video clips taken from Lukas In Love Part One, (D.O.P 2005, Dir. George Duroy)
Music clip: Do You Realize (edit), taken from The Flaming Lips album, Yoshimi Fights the Pink Robots.