Has this ever happened to you? (I know it has)

You’re going along…going about whatever you happen to be doing. Your mind may have wandered away from this plane of existence, if only temporarily. Then seemingly from out of nowhere, you spot something that immediately snaps you back to the reality everyone else is experiencing, except you. You can’t catch your breath, realizing that it’s been held inside your lungs as if in suspended animation. It’s something so breathtaking, it really is enough to stop your heart. This is the effect one experiences when you notice a gorgeous piece of art work, and that was exactly my experience when I saw these images of Ion Davidov, which were part of one of the only sets I was able to find of him. These were so gorgeous that I truly thought they belonged in a gallery exhibition (makes me wish now I ran a gallery). I remember any number of times this sort of feeling came over me while in an art museum, looking at a exhibition of one of the great master painters. It is quite possible to lose yourself in that exquisite beauty for an eternity, holding your breath in awe, daring yourself to let it go. You would never tire of gazing at these marvelous works because there would always be something new that you missed the first time you viewed it. Much of art is that way, such is the nature of it.

That instantaneous moment when you know you have beheld something so incredibly spectacular that it has you so taken by surprise, that it makes you slowly let go the breath you held so tightly inside you. It’s something so visually powerful in its beauty, you have all you can do to catch your breath, it makes you stop and silently utter a single whispered phrase: “Whoa!”

Enjoy my moment of ‘Whoa!’ and the beauty of Ion Davidov

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