Quid Pro Quo

How completely adorable!

Too sweet for words, would be the only way to describe the opening to this two part flip-flop scene between dreamy Manuel Rios and Kevin, from issue 6 of Kinky Angels. Seeing Kevin cuddling his plushy animal slippers floating in Dreamland is enough for anyone to utter an ‘aw, how sweet.’ How sweet, indeed. And I’m sure that was Manny’s reaction as he enters Kevin’s room, with a breakfast tray, and sees him in slumber. A romantic gesture if ever there was one. The whole sequence put a nice smile on my face as I was remembering a certain image I’ve already posted here with these two. It was a tender moment I was able to pluck from the South African orgy scene that Bel Ami presented back in 2010. That image stayed in my mind as I watched these two together.

Their report with each other both tender and sweet was a moment of romantic bliss, and energetic lust. I’ll just let the rest of this one, with the moments I grabbed from it, speak it’s visual words to you, for any text I could use to describe this one wouldn’t be enough. The music, naturally B.K. Sun, will help weave the scene’s erotic spell to perfection.

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