Earth. Sun. Moon.

I celebrate my jubilation in sometimes very subtle ways and this happens to be one of them. Just yesterday on BelAmiOnline, they posted this scene in its glorious entirety (a special gallery presentation follows). I think a little birdy told them we wanted to see this one again. This one was previously available on BelAmi’s VOD site and it was also featured on The Private Life of Josh Elliot DVD. I think whatever the case may have been, it’s always bliss to see these two in scenes. And when they were paired together….complete Nirvana.

Rumor has it that this happened to be Josh’s first ever filmed sex scene and he was pretty nervous about it. Enter Ethan Clarke whose comfort and ease in front of the camera up to this time was well established. If any one would be able to calm, comfort, and soothe the frightened rabbit out of Josh, Ethan certainly was the ‘Magic Man’ to do so. The rest, as they say, is Bel Ami erotic history. Both of these stunning young men have rightfully earned their places as celebrated Bel Ami icons.

My sweet cuties. But don’t let them fool you for a second!
For underneath all that sweet innocence, lies all the passionate fury of a couple of tigers!
You don’t believe me?
Hmmm… better see for yourselves.

This video mash-up is the second of my ‘extraordinary’ Josh Elliot video finds. Extraordinary in that, like the other one I posted earlier with he and Davy Paxton, this one happened to be in my possession all the time I was searching for it. This scene taken from The Private Life of Josh Elliot (2007) turned out to be a very sweet surprise. By this time, I’ve seen most of the scenes featuring both Ethan Clarke and Josh, but to finally see one of their earlier scenes and together was, for this love-struck fan of them both, a lovely gift.
Music clip: Earth. Sun. Moon. by Love and Rockets, taken from their album, Earth Sun Moon

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