Production Photo Session Gallery updated featuring Phillipe Gaudin, Alex Orioli and Ariel Vanean

Three truly does make the perfect couple
Très mignon

As everyone knows, going on vacation is great….until you get back home and find you have a ton of catching up to do. But, it’s all good and I was happy to find more lovely treasures awaiting me upon my return. I realized that there was a set of Production photo session images that I had forgotten to post to my gallery page…my bad, so I wanted to make sure I did that before I totally forgot myself. The one I had almost forgotten was the set from which the first image came from: a sexy, hot three-way with Ariel Vanean, Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli, due to be released on the Bel Ami site some time next season. This one promises to be smouldering hot.

The latest production photo session gallery set features Andre Boleyn. And for two of the scenes, He’s been coupled with Jim Collins and Jason Knightly.


As well as a smoking hot three way with Julien Hussey and his partner in crime, Adam Archuletta. These are also scenes that will be due out next season.

Selected images from both of these galleries can be seen here at the following links:

Phillipe Gaudin, Alex Orioli and Ariel Vanean

Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, Julien Hussey, Jim Collins and Jason Knightley

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