Playing Catch-up and Backtracking 2-Yann Tiersen and Colin Hewitt

Did I say I love a guy in uniform? If it’s the sexy Colin Hewitt, oh, yeah!

My massive catch-up play continues with this one with Colin Hewitt and Yann Tiersen.

The boys at Bel Ami simply can’t keep their hands off one another (Gee, I say that as if it were a bad thing.) And with these two, I have pretty much rest my case…..horny buggers!

An afternoon of paint ball fun quickly turns into them doing some tour of duty on one another when Colin and Yann are hanging out together. Yann discovered a love for bottoming while at Bel Ami and Colin was certainly more than happy to please him with his cock.

You’re not going to want to miss this one!

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