Come my little Sex Dwarf

Seeing as I’m in a partying mood today, and tonight begins, officially my vacation for a week (WOOT!!!!), I’m changing my post schedule slightly to give you all this little bit of fun. I’m sure you’ve made Kevin Warhol’s acquaintance already. If you have, I don’t think you need me to tell you what a cute, sexy, sex machine-in-the-making this beauty is. If you haven’t yet, well, you’re in for a treat. Kevin was supposed to be showing young, newbie Billy Cotton the ropes…but as you’ll see, Billy has some surprises in store for his ‘teacher’…..and as he so adeptly demonstrates, Billy has learned his lessons, VERY well. 🙂

I had all I can do to restrain myself from showing you more….but no…as usual, you’ll just have to check this one out for yourself. And per protocol, I’m just going to show you a brief tease.

And seeing as this is all in the spirit of a party, the music had to reflect that as well. The song I chose, Sex Dwarf, was originally recorded by the 1980’s synth-pop duo Soft Cell, and when I was starting to go to the Goth-Industrial nights here in Philadelphia, on any given night it would be played. In the 1990’s, it was covered by the techno-electronica band Leather Strip, and I have to say, their version is absolutely killer (far better in my opinion than the original), and it helps accentuate this scene amazingly well.

These two make one hot combo and this scene totally rocks.

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Music clip: Sex Dwarf, by Leather Strip (original version by Soft Cell), taken from the album, Anal Cabaret: A Tribute to Soft Cell; all music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no infringement is intended.

And the weather here in Philly is getting pretty frightful…lightening everywhere (can anything else happen right before I leave tonight). Any way my loves, have an awesome weekend.