Sweet Shot 10

 My Sweet Shot series, for those who may not know as yet, comprises those images that have made me, and hopefully others,take a pause and say: “Oh, how sweet!”  These are shots that are sweet and cute but go a bit beyond…these are ones that convey a sense of warmth and tenderness that typifies what physical love, romantic love, is all about and what Bel Ami is all about deep within the studio’s collective psyche.  These are ones that portray eroticism in its purest and sumptuous form. And are just simply: beautiful.

 Recently,I combed through my Bel Ami image sets that I’ve amassed since I joined their website, choosing those images that struck an emotional cord within my heart,and I arranged them into a gallery that has yet to be released (and will be very soon).

These shots I present today were taken from BelAmiOnline.com’s scene update with Harris Hilton and Erik Bouna. These will begin the next volume in my Sweet Shots gallery collection. 
 “Nothing like morning wood”, as the saying goes….
as well as having someone special near by to take care of it and you. 🙂
And we can’t forget about these special and cute little guys, who like to communicate to one another in their own very special way.
Quite a beautiful one, wouldn’t you say?
 All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.