The Dragon and the Nightingale: Summer Songs series Finale

Not many things were capable of brightening the mood of a elderly dragon lord, except the sweet, lovely song of the nightingale, who would lull the dragon to sleep with its song, like a gentle lullaby. For many a year the bird would sing perched near a branch, that would sway in the breeze near the dragon’s lair. The bird’s song delighted the dragon so much that he had gotten distraught one twilight evening when all the dragon lord heard was the wind through the still pines. The bird was about to take wing and fly off before the dragon cupped it gently in its paws.

“For years you’ve given me the gift of your song.” The dragon said, as he placed the bird back onto its pine branch. “Why is it now you have chosen to leave me when I have grown so accustomed to your melody?”

“There are others who may wish to hear me sing. I cannot bestow my gift of song to only you. Perhaps there are others who wish to hear me. I must go and seek them out.”

“How will I sleep now when you have given me such comfortable rest with your song?”

The bird plucked a feather from its wing and gave it to the dragon lord. “Keep this for me. To remember me. This feather will be like a dream catcher. You’ll sleep well and by winter of the next full turn of the Sun, I’ll return with a new song for you. Let this feather be my bond, a parting gift and a promise that I will return.”

At sundown the following day, the nightingale left its home in the pines and headed northward. The dragon was left alone. He had no more dreams. No more songs, as he waited in heavy-hearted longing for his friend’s return. The nightingale’s feather which he clutched tightly in his paws as he rested gave him peace and hope for his friend’s safe return. A turn of the Sun and six turns of the Moon later, the dragon one twilight eve felt a gentle tug on his whisker and there resting on his paws was the nightingale. As promised, the bird had a new song to sing to the dragon. And as the bird sang, the dragon rested, basking in the sweetness of the sound like a warm embrace. Lush dreams returned to the dragon and he was able to sleep more pleasantly then he ever did before.


We have come to the end of this summer season, and the last of its songs I have to sing for you. And I saved the very best one for last.

This sweet and sexy scene between Kevin Warhol and Florian Nemec inspired me to write the above little story. And this scene seemed like the perfect crowning piece for this series.

Both of these sweet darlings seemed to have cooked up the perfect way to start a new day.

I can’t find any problems with their recipe. Can you?

Didn’t think so. 🙂

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Music clip: Nightingale by Yanni, taken from the album, Tribute