In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part One~ Segment Three

In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part One ~Segment Three, Stolen Kisses, Secret Love

“To open the tender bud of a rose,
it takes one, tender, sweet, and strategically placed,
~E.T.Y, 6/23/2010

In this segment which concludes part one, plays tribute to the playfulness and tenderness of the fine art of seduction. And believe me, there is an art in bringing two souls together, demonstrated to perfection by these beauties.

Like all the music selections for these segments, I wanted the music I chose to convey both the playfulness, as in the first half of the segment, and the tenderness of seducing one’s lover. The Cure’s Lullaby, the selection used in the first part was ideal. This classic song one would find quite out of character for a band known for more darkly themed pieces. But every once in a while Robert Smith and company must engage us in a bit of whimsy. The music of the song has such a beautiful sensuality to go along with Robert’s playful and whimsical lyrics giving the song a very fantastical, lyrical feel that I couldn’t resist putting these clips to. I picked clips that showed the delightful sense of humor of these wonderful guys, who continue to have this amazing power to charm us right out of our clothes and inhibitions.
As the song changes, the mood does too, and with De/Vision’s Like the Sun used as the backdrop for these concluding images, I wanted to show that along with the playfulness, there’s plenty of tenderness to be had and it’s why watching these scenes in all of these films has been such a wonderful delight and why these guys continue to charm and excite us, and importantly, why they continue to endure in our hearts.
Video clips taken from the following films: Frisky Summer 1, Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian, Flings, More Lukas Stories, Lukas Stories, Coverboys (better citations are forthcoming); all films available through the Bel Ami website.
Music selections: Lullaby, The Cure, taken from their 1989 album, Disintegration. (music and lyrics, Robert Smith); Like the Sun, De/Vision, taken from their compilation album Zehn.
All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.