There’s No Rest for the Wicked Gaelan Binoche and Phillipe Gaudin

By the time part two of this flip-flop scene came to an end (no pun intended), I arrived at the conclusion that Gaelan and Phillipe were another match made in Bel Ami Heaven.  The two of them looked simply stunning together, with a natural report and a seemingly genuine fondness for one another. It’s wonderful chemistry like this that creates great scenes, and these two sweet, sexy boys demonstrated that and then some. As soon as I finished watching both of these red hot scenes, I knew I had to put my own musical spin to things.
Part One: Speed Your Fuck To Me (runtime: 4:32)

As part one opens, Gaelan and Phil are playfully wrestling on the couch in between being interviewed by the cameraman. It is soon learned that a wrestling match between the two of them occurred prior to the scene’s filming to see who would be the ‘top dog’ as Gaelan proudly shows off his battle scars for the camera….I’ll give you three guesses who won the match and the first two don’t count. 😉

What comes after is Gaelan giving Phil’s ass a very hot fuck. Gaelan is a very cute young one who just seems to get better and better with every scene and in this one in particular: who let the tiger out? As I mentioned before, he’s been working to build up his body, which is lean and gorgeous, complimenting his huge cock.

And I can’t ever forget Phil who is as cute and hot as he wants to be and can take as good as he gives, as we will very quickly see in part two.
The title I gave for part one of the scene is a slight play on the title of the song I used, Speed Your Love to Me bythe Simple Minds, taken from their album, Sparklein the Rain. I have to give much deserved kudos to a forum friend of mine, for giving me the great song idea for this one. It worked like a charm.
Part Two: No Rest for the Wicked (runtime: 4:27)

In part two, both boys are cuddled up together, resting from their vigorous activities previously. For this part, they agree to try a tenderer, more romantic approach to things, with the emphasis here on the word try

A sweet shot if ever there was one. I don’t think they could look any more cute together if they tried.

And they do start off with some gentle foreplay but as things happened in their natural progression and the more turned on Phil got, the more he wanted to fuck Gaelan….

*sigh* So much for the romantic approach.  Ah well, c’est la vie. All in all, we got treated to one passionate fuck-fest.

With a change in mood of the scene, comes with a change in tempo of the music. The tender sweetness in the opening of part two made me instantly remember a scene in the Darren Aronosky film, Requiem of a Dream and the film’s main characters, Harry and Marion. They’re lying on the floor together and Marion says dreamily, “I love you, Harry.” It’s a moment of sweet and gentle tenderness, perhaps the only such moment in the whole film these two characters are able to share together before their lives spiral out of control (hence is the nightmare of drug addiction). The music that played over this scene is the piece I used to open the mock soundtrack I put togetherfor the edit of this part of the scene with Phil and Gaelan. It was this moment of sweet, tender calm I wished to convey here. Entitled Ghosts of Things to Come, the piece, composed by Clint Mansell with the Kronos Quartet for Requiem’s soundtrack, appears minimalist in its sound but none the less capable of expressing sonically this sweet, tender and peaceful moment between Phil and Gaelan.  It’s these moments of graceful, sweet tenderness that have made Bel Amiso unique and special in the entire world of gay porn/erotica.
The music piece that rounds out the mock soundtrack for the scene, as well as the scene’s passionate denouement,  is a track by theband, Enigma, Déjà Vu from their album, Seven Lives Many Faces. You can’t go wrong with Enigma especially when putting a music score together foran erotic scene. And you definitely can’t go wrong with two guys who are in such obvious lust with one another.

Both scene edits I’ve combinedtogether giving a total runtime of 8:56
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