Awaken, Fiery Prince Kevin!

And awaken he does….with the help of his special friend, Sean Berrett!

How could anyone resist this match made in Bel Ami Heaven? I, for one, certainly could not. These two turned out to be a perfect match: both of them youthful and athletic, each with his own natural beauty. It was Kevin’s first ever scene and he does an amazing job! In this very early scene, Kevin is already demonstrating the seductive and passionate erotic power he possesses, similar to a young Johan Paulik. But comparing him to anyone is selling him short; he has gifts all his own and he isn’t afraid to use them. (Johan filmed this scene, by the way, at Bel Ami’s Bratislava studio back in 2009).

And not to take anything away from Sean— he is smoldering in this scene. The make-out session between them is passionately beautiful. So much so that the brief clip I created of the scene, as a faux teaser of sorts, focuses mainly on the beauty of this lovemaking couple. The synergy between these two is so lovely and captivating. As the steamy action progresses, it becomes more than just a sex scene, but a love scene as we watch it unfold. When you see two people click so well, the way Kevin and Sean seem to, it just makes the scene that much more gorgeous and erotic.

Damn….damn! Erotica has never been so sweet!

And pure Bel Ami magic, as once again every tender and sensuous moment is sweetly captured in still and moving frame.

The musical piece I had accompany them during their impassionated display worked like a sweet love spell! The piece of music itself will be a small clue as to what I plan to use later on when Bel Ami releases Kevin and Jack’s scene around the end of the year. And in the way I’m using it here for Kevin and Sean’s scene, it works as a very nice prelude to everything Kevin has done with Bel Ami to date. If I were to string together, movie-style, all the scenes we’ve been given of Kevin so far, from this scene to the Kinky Angels series, there’s a wonderful story to be told there. During the course of this summer season on BelAmiOnline, we have been going back in time, being shown Kevin’s earlier scenes, showing his progression up to the superstar we now know and love him as. We are also being shown the progression of his Kinky Angel brethren as their earlier scenes are also being presented.

And if it hasn’t been figured out by now: I’m an incurable romantic! 🙂

Music clip: Big My Secret by Michael Nyman, taken from the album, The Piano.

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