Bella’s Daily Cum Load Unload 5

Let’s get back on track with this, shall we?

For this week’s daily cum load unloads, we wish to pay tribute to one of Bel Ami’s latest releases, Skin On Skin 4:

Skin On Skin 4: Scenes 1 and 2: Jim Kerouac and Dario Dolce 

Very well could be a contender for Scene of the Year, if not one of the best of the season, the latest DVD release from Bel Ami takes off the ground running with this dual part scene featuring Jim Kerouac and Dario Dolce. Upon the release of both of these scenes on they immediately created quite a stir amongst the members of the site’s Forum. With Jim gaining the reputation of being an insatiable top and Dario equally as insatiable as a bottom, we expected both of these guys to be sizzling hot and trust me…they did NOT disappoint!

From Scene One:
The chemistry between these guys was well off the chart. And when you place them in such a gorgeous, scenic location, the mystical power this place can make some interesting and erotic things happen.

 From Scene Two:
With some of the most interesting videography presented to date (and truly, I don’t think I could expect anything less from these artists by now), this one is a complete erotic masterpiece which doesn’t let up from start to cum-drenched finish!
Not only is the above image smoking hot, but the passion they displayed quite easily placed them amongst my pantheon of couples who were Matches Made in Bel Ami Heaven.

Combined Scene Previews:

Skin On Skin 4 BAOL DVD trailer:

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