A Special Treasure Unearthed

For the grand finale presentation of unreleased couple photo sessions to celebrate the summer season, the folks at BelAmiOnline were truly saving the very best for last!

This incredible photo session with Bel Ami superstars Josh Elliot and Luke Hamill was believed to have been long lost (I never believed it for a second!)But now it has finally been unearthed and presented now in all its lovely glory.

When these unreleased couple photo session sets were first announced at the start of the summer season, I had already formed a wish list in my mind of ones I wanted to see and have. I knew, deep in my heart, this particular set had to exist. 

So happy and relieved to have this beautiful set at long last. This set is one of the finest ones the Bel Ami Artisans have shot with two of the most popular and beloved boys in Bel Ami’s history. Today, you’ll get to see them in a whole new way and only on BelAmiOnline.com!

To honor this sweet archival find, I put together a gallery video with selected images from the photo set as well as some screen caps from their photo session video:

I’ve also included brief trailer of the photo session for your enjoyment as well.

All images and video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.