To care for you- Summer Songs Revisited

Beginning with this post, and throughout the next few days right up to the start of the Summer Solstice, I will be presenting a little special fete, as you will. It was inspired by a post I had done last year around the same time aptly titled, Summer Songs. And while that post showcased video mash-ups of all four Frisky Summer films, this one is made up of scenes I haven’t really done much with, sadly enough. I may have posted the scenes’ imagery but I never went ahead and worked a re-edited version of them. Well, this time around, I changed all that. I went through all the scenes within the last year or two, some more recent, and chose those ones I felt were very special, those that could serve to celebrate the coming of summer. As I’ve also mentioned I have more edited versions of scenes from the Kinky Angels series I will be sprinkling here and there (at strategic places), all the way to the first day of Summer, when the series will reach it’s finale, marked by my favorite of all the scenes to be released from Bel Ami within the last few months. But I’m not going to tell you what that one is until it’s final reveal. But those that know me by now can try to guess, and I still refuse to tell. And seeing as I only have a week to do this, and the final installment of Kinky Angels, alas, is this Friday, I had best get this ‘party’ started. I will be giving posts within this series the label, Summer Songs, so you’ll be able to find all previous posts.

To start things off, I pulled this one from about a couple of years ago, at least maybe not quite so long ago. The exact date of this gem alludes me but it was a scene that was part of Lukas Ridgeston’s Eye Contact project. This passionate scene between Evan Cobb and Val Horner will serve another function and that is my desire to extend Evan’s memorial that I began here. The special song I chose for this one is another song by one of my favorite synthpop bands, Wolfsheim, called Care for You. It seemed fitting for these two sweethearts.

For Evan, always in our hearts

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