Do you love me?

How many times have you been asked, or have asked this question? I know I asked it to the very first love I ever had before we were to make that all important leap into our first sexual experience.

You’ll have to excuse my apparent romanticism at this moment in time. Yet, I don’t think you would begrudge me this. I think you’ll appreciate it as well. Sometimes I feel at a loss for words; part of the reason maybe it takes so long for me to post here. Strange, don’t you think? There are times when a video edit I’ve done works better to express my feelings, when words just don’t seem like enough, or I find them too inadequate. Still I have to introduce this video clip in some way. Very well. I’ll try.

Over the past several days, which turned into about a week, I’ve been searching for some way to tell Bel Ami’s quite long but wonderful story. Having not been around them for very long, I’m not sure I would be totally qualified to name myself as their biographer. I know there are others who would be much better ‘equipped’ to tell their story than I. I see this wonderful place as a very large….yes, it’s a garden, a big labyrinthine garden, but also it’s a huge onion. You peel one layer and there’s another one waiting. But it’s a very large story book, nonetheless. Not entirely sure what chapter they’re up to now. I came in the middle you see. So, because of that I have to go back and try to pick up the story from the beginning and move to where I started. So lately, I’ve been searching out and exploring the very early films that George made when he was with Falcon back in the early 1990’s. Starting with his very first film, Accidental Lovers, and moving through those films I also ventured into the soft-core films he worked on around the same time period, of which there seem to be four of them comprising the Boy series. These he made for the UK market primarily, back when sadly they had banned the import of pornographic material and they were put out under the Pride Video label. (Since then, the ban has been lifted and these films have remained just as part of the story as everything else.) Also during this same time period, Pride wished to create videos of their own using some of Bel Ami’s models but having Mike Esser to direct (though I’m not sure he was the sole director of many of these. Complete credits for many of these films are lacking.). Some of these films are hard to come by nowadays. Doesn’t help when the company has since been defunct. Maddening still, especially to a budding film historian and collection completist, when these films have been re-cut, rehashed, and repackaged so many times it becomes a collector’s nightmare to the extreme to know what you have. Within my collection I only have managed to track down a small handful of these films. It’s worth it to have these films if only to see these lovely guys that have become love gods to us. Although details of the film are solely lacking, Hotel is an anthology film of some clips taken from other Pride Videos, featuring all the sweet, lovely eye candy Bel Ami had in its house from this early 1990’s period.

The scene I’m presenting here from Hotel of Ion Davidov and Kristian Jensen I completely fell in love with. To see these two together was like a blessed dream. The little caption that introduces the scene mentions that they had taken the bridal suite….*grin* That made me wonder: which one was the groom and which one was the bride? I’ll leave that decision up to all of you. 🙂

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Two instrumental pieces set off this sensuously erotic and romantic scene: it opens with Yanni’s If I Could Tell You, then concludes with Kiss the Rain by my new musical discovery, Yiruma. With this scene, as well as all the other soft-core offerings, it’s all about the sensuality, the romanticism, and these beautiful beyond belief guys that have never failed to stir my heart, as well as other places. This video mash-up will be part of an on-going series called, The Story so Far, and videos within this series will be appropriately labeled for ease of location.

All video and music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no infringement is intended.