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Secret loving places

Posted on Jun 15, 2011 by in BelAmi, Boy Series, frontpage, Jiri Lubov, Oliver Krist, Summer Songs, video clips |

This next scenario that I’ve conjured (with some inspiring help from my muses) should seem quite familiar to a great number of you.

We all have special places, places that we have chosen for just ourselves. It’s a place where you can go to escape the world for a while, to find your ‘inner space’. It’s a place you share with no one….except the one that has captured your heart. In my youth, I had such a place and it would be where I would take my boyfriend so we could be alone to explore our budding sexuality. My parents didn’t know that I was venturing to explore that part of my nature, and it was only during these clandestine meetings when I felt totally free to let my boyfriend’s roaming hands and lips journey where they pleased, and mine could do the same.

This short clip should help spark a similar memory within you, and it was taken from one of George Duroy’s early soft core films he created for the UK market from the Boy series, Boy 2: Boys At Play. These would prove to be just as beautifully done as George’s hard core films. This scene with Oliver Krist and Jiri Lubov will look somewhat familiar but in a slightly different way. There was a three way, same location (in an abandoned warehouse) that featured Dano Sulik, which if my memory serves was a bonus on the Cherries DVD. I love how this one was shot and the final camera shot of the warehouse, just as the scene fades to black, you see the reflections of sunlight bouncing off the broken glass of the windows. There’s a stark and almost sinister beauty about that closing shot. It’s breathtaking and I wanted to close my edit with it as well. The music selection is a piece you guys should be able to recognize. If you don’t, I haven’t been educating you well enough. 😉

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