My Heart’s Locket: Bel Ami Temple of Beauty

Unfurling my Heart’s Locket

A year can pass very quickly, or so it seems. And during my early strolls through Bel Ami’s lovely gardens I’ve discovered many a young Love God to come along and ensnare my heart.I’ve fallen in love here many times during that first year, for these gardens have an endless supply of beautiful male flowers under which you can bask in their warmth for as long as you wish. I have a Lover’s Bouquet’s worth of these gilded, fine beauties and they have remained safely tucked away inside the locket of my heart, forever in my tender keeping, and it’s there they’ve taken permanent residence. They’ve given me much and I in turn pull them tightly to my heart, vainly protecting them. These are the ones that hold me forever spellbound: by their beauty, their wit and just being themselves. Their smiles can light up a room wherein you can bask in the warmth of its glow. Their charm, their grace make them masters of their art. And I’m happy beyond all my means to express it that I have found them. They’ve become my muses, my guardians of my heart and my treasures.

So far here you’ve come to know the identities of some of the ones who have captured my heart. Now it’s time for me to unclasp the latch that holds my locket fast and let you have a peek inside. By way of video, sound and vision, this is my heart’s locket unfurled.

To view the video, go here.