Frisky Summer Series- Scene By Scene

During the past year, upon my discovery of Bel Ami I was pretty much collecting their DVDs with all the veracity of a rabid dog. As they say, so many movies so little time. So many of these films I just completely fell in love with. The very first of these being Lukas Stories and An American in Prague. Along the way the charming erotic scenarios from the Frisky Summer series caught my eye and I, predictably, collected all of them. All of these films are gorgeously shot and of course, again, I fell in love with the music. Not only were the films special but the music was as well.

These films take you back to those times when you were young, discovering your budding sexuality and being otherwise adventuresome with your friends. They bring back the memories of youth, and it’s the boys exuberance that help bring a smile to your face. It was watching these films where I came to know other Bel Ami stars from the studio’s earlier years, and they quickly became my favorites. It was through these films I came to know Sebastian Bonnet, Julian Armanis, Tim Hamilton, Danny Saradon, Marcel Bouvier, Pierre Delon, and so many others who now have my heart.

I’ve already presented a video montage of all four of these films. This time, I present the films as a scene-by-scene gallery. Hopefully, along with me, these films will help bring back memories for all of you as well.

Screen captures were taken from the following films: Frisky Summer 1: Best Friends (1995), Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (1996), Frisky Summer 3: Wild Strawberries (1998), and Frisky Summer 4: Summer Loves (2002).

All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.