Meet Paul Mekas!


I’d like you all to meet a new friend at Bel Ami. This lovely’s name is Paul Mekas and he’s from Hungary. As you can hopefully see, he looks like a very sweet boy and a very welcome addition to the Bel Ami family. He’s so beautiful with a lovely mouth, cute body and face, and gentle looking eyes. And he sports a huge, beautiful cock and balls that I know will give many fitfully erotic dreams. 😉 As I look at him, I feel reminded of two of my favorite Bel Ami beauties from the studio’s earlier days: Marcel Bouvier and Pierre Delon (both of these classic beauties also sported lovely long cocks).

He sports such a lovely sword, does he not? 🙂

By all accounts, he’s a little camera shy but I’m sure that won’t last for long. To see more of this sweet and gorgeous lad, you can visit his website here. After watching his solo video, I’m looking forward to seeing more of what he can do. 🙂

Welcome to the BA family, Paul! 🙂

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