The Seriously Sensual Todd Rosset

I have a lovely friend, a fellow blogger, artist and kindred soul who relishes the beauties to be found in the lush garden that is Bel Ami just as strongly and passionately as I do. And I know that I’ve mentioned this before, if it hadn’t been for him, I never would have found these beauties and remarkable artists. Time and again, as the mood takes him, he’ll post images of a few of the Bel Ami beauties. It was a couple of images on this particular day that he posted, (the ones below), that gave me my oh, so treasured moment of ‘whoa’. So young it would seem in these images, and yet his sweet playful smile and piercing emerald green eyes took me completely aback. A stunning beauty…and I had to know who he was. Now at this time, I was still collecting Bel Ami DVD’s and trying to complete the videographies of Lukas and Johan..I hadn’t started on any of the other guys as yet. I emailed my friend to ask to identify this lovely beauty for me. He would write back that his name was Todd Rosset. I would have to remember him, I thought.

As time would pass as it usually does, I joined Bel Ami’s website only a few months after seeing these very early pictures of my new darling. It would be seeing the cover of the DVD, Todd and Dolph, that would draw my attention to him yet again. The sensuality just based on the cover art alone, (which was taken by Howard Roffman, if I’m not mistaken, during one of the shoots for his book of erotic photography featuring the Bel Ami boys, Private Moments.) completely bowled me over. At the same time, I would be introduced to a couple others from Bel Ami’s newest lovelies, Dolph Lambert and Luke Hamill.

Then I ventured forth through the site, checking out a few of the scenes from this film. I came across a scene that literally made me stop dead in my tracks. It was the now famous scene with Todd and Jack Blue, and it was at this time and for me just starting to discover Bel Ami, the kinkiest scene I’ve ever seen from them. Just from the teaser images alone, (a couple posted below), I noticed Todd’s sensuality, especially when performing oral. Well, he comes from a famed pedigree of sorts, trained by one of the best sensualists Bel Ami has produced: Sebastian Bonnet, who was also trained by none other than the greatest eroticist in not only Bel Ami history but gay porn history, Dano Sulik (at least that’s my studied opinion). So, when one thinks about it in those terms…by direct line of succession, he has earned his place as one of my most favorite of Bel Ami’s oralists…a sensualist in the highest order, joining the ranks of others that I have called, my Oral Gods.

To celebrate this lovely beyond compare sensualist, I’ve put together a slide show with some images from his earlier days as well as some older images. From time to time, he can still be seen on the Bel Ami website in scenes, filling in when needed, as well as assuming duties off camera, his presence is still very much felt and still greatly an important part of the Bel Ami family. This sweet lad has managed to capture the hearts of fans all over the world, including yours truly.


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