For My Baby Angel. My Lovely, Precious Enigma

I’m taking a brief break from my studies to give you a very special video tribute. You see, this one is going to work on two fronts. First, Sunday would have been my brother’s 53rd birthday and although it fills me with sorrow that he’s no longer with me, I carry and feel his presence near me every day. Secondly, I know I was planning on paying tribute to the Pillow Talk series a little bit later in the year, but because this period right now I have deemed very special, I didn’t see the harm in starting a tad early.
Image source: Howard Roffman, The Boys of Bel Ami
Not too long ago, I posted the above image of Marc Vidal and Josh Elliot taken by one of my all time favorite photographers, Howard Roffman (another wonderful artist I plan on paying tribute later on. Oops, I may have let the cat out the bag…that was supposed to be a surprise. Well, so was this video tribute supposedly.) Even now, this image, so beautiful in its simplicity and yet so steeped in romantic feeling, still haunts me.You can’t help but let your imagination run riot with all the stories your mind can entertain itself…like mine has done. And these two young men are to me, the epitome of what I deem to be ‘romantic souls’. This scene from Pillow Talk 1 (2006) that they share together, and with all of us ultimately, is drenched in both romantic and erotic feeling. And you absolutely can’t help but be swept away by their passionate energy. It matters not that they may not have been secret lovers in real life; yet, by watching them you gain the slight impression that they were. Marc Vidal represents to me everything in what a romantic, Hollywood-type leading man should be. As a young girl, and even now, I’ve been a huge fan of films from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and these films helped develop my image of the ‘ideal man’.  He seems older, more sophisticated than the sweet, baby-faced innocent Josh, who plays the blushing virgin to the hilt. 🙂 Now, guys, don’t read any more into this than what it is. 😉 What I have given you are my impressions, nothing more. It’s part of the fantasy of it all, and part of the fun. Seeing this gorgeous scene again, I think back to all the scenes I’ve seen of Josh and in this one, he’s done his finest work. I can’t recall when my baby angel looked more lovely. Marc pleasures him, makes him light up as bright as a Christmas star, as we all bask in the warm glow of their sensuous and passionate lovemaking. The heat of their passion could stoke a fire in any fireplace on a cold winter night. They create so much love magic between them, you can’t help but revel in it. Could very well be the very first time that one of my tributes moved me to tears of joy.

The music selections I chose for this video clip, I went back and forth on, as usual, but like the perfectionist I am, I wanted to make sure they were the best choices, naturally. I originally had the two songs finalized, until as I was lying in bed this morning I began to cry for no real explanation. I was remained of my brother’s birthday. My muse had aroused me yet again. A song suddenly popped into my half awakened mind and I flipped through my mp3 player to find it. It was a song by Death Cab For Cutie from their Plans album, called I Will Follow You Into The Dark. It was as if I was ‘guided’ to this song as being more appropriate mood wise if not lyrically than the one I had originally chosen. As I listened, thinking of my brother, imagining that the lyrics were a message he was saying to me “Don’t cry. We’ll be together again soon” I wept, but not out of sorrow, but of hope and the knowledge that my brother and I will be together again in the afterlife. Yet, my mind switched gears as it often does, with another thought. I turned back to the image posted here, and my heart and soul beamed with light as a smile also lit up my face. The closing selection is the Pillow Talk1 title sequence music as well as an untitled track I found from the Cherries DVD, both by B.K. Sun.

The word ‘enigma’ may seem strange to some, but it’s just a fancy way of saying ‘mystery’. And part of being a romantic, I feel, is also being enigmatic. You mustn’t divulge all your precious secrets. You must leave some for your lover to discover and even then, keep one or two held tightly to your breast, taking them with you into the next life. And believe me when I say, even I have a few that I’m holding very tightly to me and hence, keeping my own bit of mystery.

So, from one kindred romantic soul to another, JE, this one is for you with love, from one of your most adoring fans.

For my brother, Robert Joseph Young, RIP 07/17/2005 Happy Birthday

Video clips taken from Pillow Talk 1 (2006), dir. George Duroy; all video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clips: I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Death Cab For Cutie, taken from the album, Plans; Pillow Talk 1 title sequence and an untitled track, B. K. Sun (these remain the sole intellectual property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.