Special BAOL Update-Jean-Daniel Chagall and Malcolm Benoist Couple Photo Session

Malcolm was only at BelAmi for a short time and only did a few pieces of content for them, but what they shot was indeed stunning. A few weeks ago, I posted some images from his pin-up set where he showed a gorgeous and athletic physique. Today I get to share with you this very special pairing with the equally athletic and beautiful, Jean-Daniel Chagall. With their exceptional beauty and great chemistry on camera it was immediately apparent that they were a match made in Bel Ami Heaven. Some images from that set I already posted here.

This would not be the first time they shot together. They would first demonstrate their amazing chemistry in front of Howard Roffman’s camera lens, and for this special update, I will present to you a very short clip from that documentary video shown on BAOL a few years ago and shot by Johan Paulik. 

I completely enjoy watching Howard work. Not only is he an amazing artist, as evidenced in his gorgeous photography but it’s wonderful watching him interact with the boys in this documentary footage and he’s great with them. They also seem to have a great time working with him as well. He has such a gentle manner with them. It’s almost like he just lets the boys be themselves which makes the whole atmosphere on the set very relaxed, making for a great means in which to create awesome art. The boys themselves had such a wonderful report with one another; they didn’t seem to have any trouble at all in projecting a romantic aura about them.

This synergy between Jean-Daniel and Malcolm would carry over into the next shoot for their couple pin-up spread created by Marty Stevens. 

This beautiful chemistry presented by these boys and captured by these great artists helped to create some of the most romantic and passionately erotic imagery BelAmi has produced in some time.
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